Column arrangement in the Global Elements Manager is very important and making changes can have major impacts on the way your global elements publish across shows. It is important that both column quantity and the default column order match across all shows and Global Elements Manager.

There is no limit to the number of columns you can have in your Shows. Every Show can be unique in both its default column order and in the number of columns it contains, but, Global Elements requires consistency in both column order and quantity. Luckily, the majority of shows that share elements have the same structure. This consistency is what makes Global Elements possible.

If you add or delete a column in the Element Manager, you need to add or remove corresponding columns in your target Shows so that when you publish changes to your Global Elements, they correctly display in your Shows.

Best practices

The best practice for establishing the proper column structure is to go to your template show file (i.e. a show file that is constantly duplicated and used as the seed for future shows and events) and take note of how many columns it has to the right of Private Notes. Then go to Global Elements Manager and make sure Element Set 1 has the same amount of columns to the right of duration.

What is default column order?

A show's default column order is the order of it's columns for any user first entering the show. Since column order is something that can be customized per user, the column order that matters to Global Elements is the underlying original column order. Not necessarily the order your columns are currently in.

Can I set a new default column order?

Yes, but, you should be very careful when doing so. Resetting the default column order for a Show will not only affect the column order for every other user but it could also break the mapping of Global Elements that are currently in that show. Here is an article on resetting column order for a show.

What is an Element Set?

An Element Set is how we differentiate groups of Global Elements with different column quantities or column orders. By default all Element Sets contain 4 department columns - be sure to modify your elements sets to have as many department columns as your typical show.

What is a Department Column?

A department column is any column within a show that appear to the right of private notes. In GEM, the department columns are those that appear to the right of duration.

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