Getting to your Team Dashboard

Note: The functionality discussed in this article is only available to Team Admins.

The team dashboard is where you'll be able to see all of your team's Upcoming Events, Past Events, Team Admins, Labels, Team Settings, & Global Elements Manager. This is the page that we recommend you bookmark and set as your homepage in Shoflo. You can get to your team dashboard by clicking on the Teams link on your left side navigation menu and then clicking on the name of your team.

Upcoming & Past Events Tabs

These two tabs have practically identical functionality except that all past events are in READ ONLY mode and thus their event details cannot be edited. This means that the pencil icon that displays in the Upcoming Events tab will not be visible in the Past Events tab. All other functionality, Duplicating an Event & Deleting an Event, will be the same

Edit Event Details

Editing your event's Title, Location, Date, Owner, & Labels is possible from the event edit dialog. You can activate this dialog by hovering over the event and clicking on the pencil icon. 

Duplicating an Event

Duplicating an event means you are duplicating all of its content. Meaning not only the event's Shows, Schedules, & Lists but also its Crew Members and any customizations and private notes that those crew members may have made. This can drastically reduce the amount of time spent setting up for next year's event.

Deleting an Event

Deleting an event removes it from the Upcoming Events list for all users. The event is then added to the Deleted Events list. Deleted events are not truly gone, they can be restored if necessary.

Team Admins

This tab is where you'll add or remove Team Admins from the Account. Team Admins are your highest level permission in Shoflo and will have full access over all of your team's events and Team Settings. These users will also be automatically included in all events in your team account.


Labels are a great way to add visual identifiers and filters to your events. Read more about Labels here.

Team Settings

The team settings tab is where you would go to update your organizations contact info and keep any billing information up to date.

Global Element Manager

Global Elements is the latest product in the Shoflo suite. Read more about global elements here

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