When working in Studio, you now have the option to record your live program broadcast to the cloud. Whether you want to pre-record your content or make a recording of your live broadcast available to your audience to watch and re-watch later on, recording your session within Studio allows you to provide the best possible quality to your viewers.

Setting up Recording

To get started with recording, you'll first need to go to the Record tab in the right pane of the Director view. Then, at the top of this tab, click "Add new" which will start the process of creating a saved recording configuration. Finally, enter in a name for your new configuration and click "Add".

When creating a new configuration, the Advanced settings allow you to adjust several things including resolution, framerate and audio delay.

You can also use the ellipsis menu next to the saved configuration to edit the name and settings.

Start/End Recording

Next to your recording configuration, you'll see the option to Start recording. After clicking start, it will take a few seconds for the recording server to spin up and the recording to begin. When it has successfully started recording, you will see text that says "Recording" highlighted in red.

Note: You can have up to X configurations setup and recording simultaneously.

Storing and downloading your recording.

Once you're finished recording, clicking "Stop" will end the recording and display it under Past recordings. Each recording is labeled with the name of the configuration used and the timestamp of when the recording was started. All recording are also saved in the event dashboard inside the "Studio Media" folder.

Upon completion of a recording, under "Past Recordings", you can use the ellipsis menu to Add it as a Media source in the current Studio environment OR download it to your local computer.

Using the option to delete a recording will remove it from the list of Past recordings but does not delete it from your Studio Media folder.

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