Custom templates are an easy and powerful way to create a solid base for future shows. With custom templates, you can set the base structure of your shows, schedules, or lists and use that template in your event as many times as you want. This differs from duplicating your shows in that duplication will also carry over everyone’s notes and edits that you might not necessarily want in your future shows.

For example, many of our sports team have a set way of running their games with the same elements more or less occurring in every show. Custom templates allows them to create their initial run of show, IE for their pre-game show loaded with their stock elements. They can then save that show as a template for use over and over again. Coupled with our “Copy to another event” functionality, they can send copies of this template to their other events and use that template in the future events they run.

Creating Templates

  1. Create a show, schedule, or list as normal and name it what you like, such as Pregame Template, General Session Template, or Sunday Service Template.
  2. Once you’ve filled out all the content head back to your event dashboard, hover over your file, and click the ellipsis icon on the far right.
  3.  Select the Save as template option.  

You will now see your template in the “Template Library” tab of your team dashboard.
Note: You can also create new templates from inside the Template Library

Creating new files from Templates

To create a new Show, Schedule, or List based off the template you just created, click on the “Create new” button and select your show type.  In the “Create from template” dropdown select the template you wish to use.  Enter the rest of the details as normal.

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