Create a new Endpoint

To prepare to stream to a new Endpoint in Shoflo Studio, you'll need to start by creating a new RTMP endpoint. As a Director, this can be done by selecting the Endpoints tab on the right side of the Director View, then selecting the "Add new" button.

Configuring an Endpoint

Once you've started the process of creating a new Endpoint you can give your endpoint a name, then, you'll need to find the correct Stream URL and Stream Key for the endpoint where you want your stream to go. The process for finding this information will differ depending on your endpoint.


In Vimeo, opening up your live event will allow you to view the live preview page. Here you are given the option to stream from your webcam or from an RTMP source. Clicking the "Connect (RTMP)" tab across the top will reveal your Stream URL and Stream Key.


In Youtube, after you created a live stream and selected it, you can view your event's Stream Key and URL in the Stream Settings tab


In Facebook, after you've created you live event and you are in the Live Producer View, select Go Live Now, then, scroll down and select the Stream Setup tab. Make sure you've selected the "Use Stream Key" option and your Stream Key and URL will be available at the bottom right.

Advanced Settings

Once you have the Stream Key and Stream URL, clicking "Advanced Settings" will allow you to fully customize your RTMP output by setting the resolution, bitrate, audio delay and several other options.

Once you are satisfied with all of the Endpoint settings, click the blue "Create" button to add the Endpoint configuration to you list of Endpoints in the Director View.

Start Streaming

When you are ready to start streaming, you can click the start button next to your endpoint. Once it's time to end the stream, you can do so by clicking "Stop" .

Studio allows you to add more that one endpoint and you can stream to multiple endpoints simultaneously.

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