You can easily delete shows, schedules, lists and docs from your event in Shoflo. We also made it easy to restore those deleted items if you ever accidentally deleted, and you can always permanently delete them from your event if need be. Here’s how trashing items works:

Step One: Navigate to the location of the show, schedule, list or doc you want to delete

Step Two: Hover over the row of the item you wish to delete and click on the trash can icon

After deleting your object, it is placed in the “Trash” section of your event, which you can find by clicking on Trash in your side nav. This lists all of your event’s currently trashed items.

Step Three: To restore a trashed item so it is active again, hover over the row of the trashed item and click on the restore icon.

This will restore the item into the folder it was originally trashed from. Lastly, you can also permanently delete a file by clicking on the trash can icon when in trashed view.

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