We make it easy for you to import your existing show flows with our Shoflo Import wizard! You simply need to export your XLS to a CSV and then we give you the ability to map those column however you want during our import. This not only works for Shows, but also for Schedules and Lists.

NOTE: Some columns in Shoflo have “auto” functionality associated with them that only operates if they are left to their default values. You might want to skip these columns and make your adjustments after import so that you can best utilize the auto functionality:

  • Auto Item Numbers — choose default and we will auto count the items for you
  • Start Times — by default, start times are auto calculated by the previous duration. Consider mapping only an item’s duration and see how Shoflo will auto generate the start times for you. Learn more about start times here
  • Preset Times — by default these are skipped, learn more about preset times here
  • Item Descriptions — by default these are skipped

You can import your CSV files by selecting Import from the top right of the event dashboard.

In order for an import to be successful, you must first make sure that the CSV is formatted correctly. The most important thing to know is that the first row, the header, is what we use for column titles. Feel free to use our CSV Import Sample as a reference. You can change the names of the Contributor Columns and add as many as you’d like!

A simpler CSV that ignores all but the Items Column and the Contributor Columns might look like this:

After uploading your CSV, you reach our CSV Import wizard. Use the dropdowns to choose which column you would like to match to each value. You may select our defaults or skip columns that you have no interest in. Once you’re finished mapping your columns, hit submit and a popup will appear to take you to your new show!

A few extra notes:

  • Maximum file size is 2MB
  • How to create a new Show, Schedule, or List 
  • CSV imports do not preserve formatting like highlights or font size

If you have any trouble importing a show, please reach out to us via the chat at the bottom right of the page!

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