iOS 1.4.1 📱(3/15/18)

  • Fixed an issue around column re-ordering and column width changes.

Web App 2.19.10 💻 (3/13/18)

  • #3253 - added new full screen browser takeover for internet explorer users (not supported)
  • #3730 - removed shotgun view icon from /responsive/table
  • #3438 - updated and improved our color logic to more accurately determine proper contrasting
  • #3663 - fix for GE insert modal bugs
  • #3713 - removed column headers from GEM guest pass and the "set visible columns" button in the GEM guest pass modal
  • #3766 - fix for a GE type error when clicking the globe icon while inside edit mode
  • #3549 - added a "create item" button for views in the GEM when a user filtered down to a state with no rows to give the user an action to take. furthermore, any rows created when in a filtered state will automatically apply the associated category or tag labels to the row upon creation
  • #3726 - fix for incorrect button styling in the save as new global element modal
  • #3509 - added the ability to switch between element sets from within the GEM
  • #3725 - removed the "save as new global element" menu option from within the GEM (any rows in the GEM are already global elements)
  • #3717 - fix for a cross-team GE insert modal state bug
  • #3716 - fix for being unable to properly insert global elements in to shows with only one row insidet the GE insert modal
    #3798 horizonal scroll bar hidden in GEM
  • Fixed various other bugs.

iOS 1.4.0 📱(3/10/18)

  • #3327 - removed lines around various things on plus sized devices
  • #3378 - fix for bulk row highlight actions performed in the web app not being real time to the web app
  • #3478 - fix for iOS column menu closing when you hide the column that was used to open the menu
  • #3477 - added ability to scroll the table when cell edit mode is open
  • #3546 - fix for incorrect bullet point styling
  • #3547 - fixed and updated various formatting
  • #3590 - mobile punch list
      - added back in cell selection state
      - added a slight background behind cell edit icons
      - fix for cell edit text input box being too small
      - fix for mis-aligned item numbers
      - column menu names now ellipse after two lines
      - fix for bug in signup with a space in the email
  • #3591 - fix for bug where the app would crash if you hit save on an empty cell without adding any content
  • #3596 - added user's email address to account settings
  • #3643 - fix for hiding times in the web app not being hidden in the iOS app

WebApp 2.19.1  💻  (2/22/18)

  • Global Elements Feature 🌎
  • #3372 - fix for importing CSVs not showing up on the event dash until after a refresh
  • #3071 - retired the old event dash with tabs
  • #3535 - made tweaks to the app update banner so it'll now push content down, as well as added the option for silent updates where the banner won't appear
  • Various Other Bugs: #3529, #3539, #3540, #3541, #3543, #3608

iOS 1.3.2 📱 (2/10/18)

Greetings Shoflo'ers!  Valentines Day is right around the corner, so team Shoflo is shooting an arrow of love to the newest version of our iOS app!  Here's whats in this box of chocolates:

  •  #3410 - added new logic to better handle users returning to the app if the app was "asleep" or otherwise not active.  this should alleviate scenarios where you closed the app or locked your phone, then reopened the app later but would not always receive the latest version or any time real time edits
  •  #3469 - updated some basic iOS table formatting to more closely match the web app formatting (background colors, text colors, font sizes/weights etc).  Also updated the user & event dash font and overall padding to more closely match the Figma's.
  •  #3471 - added iOS user session meta data to bugsnag
  •  #3474 - fix for not being able to scroll to the bottom of lists on the event & user dashboards
  •  #3475 - added pull to refresh on user & event dashboard
  •  #3481 - fix for scenario where inviting a user to an event was crashing the app
  •  #3483 - fix for scenario where read only users could double tap on any cell to get in to edit mode.  this will still work for private notes.  the same applies to contributors as well, except they can't edit items
  •  #3497 - fix for some text not rendering in certain shows
  •  #3564 - fix for various bugs
  • default "item" text now appears in item cells that have yet to be edited
  • fix for when clearing a global highlight it was removing the cell backgrounds all together, now it will revert to the default cell BG color
  •  #3595 - fix for text inputs not rendering properly in landscape mode
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